A Kemp Family Tree 



Within this site you will find information which has been collected, compiled and organized into a simple, clear and user-friendly format.


The individuals covered by this tree are arranged into a schematic by generation. However, due to the number of individuals in this tree, the resulting schematic is too large to be presented in a readable size on one web page. Therefore, it was determined that it was best if the they were broken into groups roughly according to when they were born.




1900s first half

1900s second half



By clicking on any of these periods, you will be taken to a schematic showing the names of individuals who were born roughly within that period.


When you click on the box for any individual within any of these schematics, you will be taken to an Individual Report on that specific individual; containing birth, death, marriage dates and locations as well as the names of spouses and children. Description such as details about their lives, photos or copies of records can be added to these reports as they become available from the family members.



You are encouraged to submit any edits or new information or suggestions about design of this site that you would like to have considered for any part of this site. You may do this by sending such requests to Webmaster@KempHouse.com